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ESA (Energy Saving Appliance)
Reducing fuel costs and emissions in commercial and domestic installation.
ESA is a world leader in the installation of magnetic fuel conditioning systems – a new technology that is helping businesses and homeowners all over the world to reduce their fuel bills and their carbon emissions by achieving more efficient gas combustion.
IRR ( Ionactivates Resonance Reaction )
Use in the commerce or industrially, the new products to strengthen of VEM products result.
ACME AQUA, through managing for a long time more than 10 years in the physical water treatment products, though VEM products have already been upgraded to the 3rd generation of products.

Acme Aqua. International
L.L.C. provides the three-year warranty
for VEM and the five-year warranty
for ESA as well as IRR. Acme Aqua.
International L.L.C. will replace
any part of, or the entire
system if it becomes defective
during this period.

Acme Aqua. International
L.L.C. has the right to void the
warranty and guarantee if the
equipment has been tampered
with and/or not installed
according to directions.

Welcome to the world of physical water treatment…For over 20 years Acme Aqua. International L.L.C. is class-leading water treatment or water de-scaling systems in the world . With over 15,000 current installations in boilers, cooling towers, food service equipment, irrigation systems and over 400 other applications in the industrial, commercial and residential markets. , the Viogreen ElectroMagnetism has become a proven means of eliminating the use of chemicals in water treatment/scale control and paraffin control, dramatically reducing the pipe cleaning needed in oil wells. This is very good news in a world that is constantly becoming more and more environmentally conscious. The savings due to the expensive cost of chemicals and the reduced downtime allows for a typical VEM payoff of three months to two year. Not only will you see a direct payoff from no longer paying for chemicals, downtime, and a better safety record, but your equipment will run more efficiently and much longer
We hope you find the information on this Website extremely useful but if you require any technical assistance or advice on a particular project please send an e-mail to us.
Acme Aqua. International L.L.C. Future only focus on manufacturing products, designing product updates
About Sales The installation service will be provided by ACME AQUA ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS COMPANY

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